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Custom production of medals and badges


  • We provide the production of original medals and badges.
  • Medals are custom made according to a unique design.
  • You can order the same series of medals repeatedly.
  • We will prepare a graphic design, make the medal according to the specifications.
  • We will deliver other promotional items.

We have been dealing with medals for over 10 years.

For more than 10 years we have been cooperating with leading medal manufacturers and following trends in the world of sports accessories and trophies. Custom-made medals reflect the enthusiasm, passion and joy of winning. A medal or badge can also be an award for participation and a beautiful souvenir of the event.

We encourage unique craftsmanship, if you order a medal from us you can be sure it is a well crafted original. . Each medal is made to a new design, but you can order the same medal repeatedly (moulds are kept for 3 years).

The medal is an award for the best of the best, a valuable souvenir and keepsake. It commemorates success and motivates for further achievements. Therefore, it must have the highest quality workmanship, an eye-catching motif and an attractive appearance. It is the medal or badge that remains displayed on shelves and places of honour in the participants' homes. It will carry your logo and commemorate the moments spent together.

Order promotional items

In addition to the production of medals, we can provide complete production or printing of items for sports and event events. We can provide banners, buoys, sports numbers, swimming caps, sports and leisure textiles (bags, backpacks, bottles, etc.). We print the items with logos and additional text.

Contact us for a quote for the production of medals or promotional items.

How is the production of custom medals

1. We mutually agree on the requirements for the production of medals.

2. We will send a price quote.

3. If you do not have your own graphic design of the medal, we will prepare the design.

4. In 5 to 10 days we will present the made sample.

5. The sample can also be approved by photos or video.

6. We commission the production of medals, production takes 10 to 20 days.

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