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Custom Production of Medals and Badges

We produce unique medals, badges and promo items.


Medals are normally produced from 32mm to 120mm, but we can accommodate size requirements. Feel free to choose the shape, size and specific medal processing. Medals are made ...

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The minimum width of the ribbon is 15 mm, we can adjust the width and length of the ribbon according to your requirements. The ribbon is threaded through the medal, it is sublimation printed on both sides with your chosen motif. After threading the ribbon, the ribbon is stitched.

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Badges and Accessories

In the production of badges (as in the production of medals) you are not limited by size or shape. The badge is made to be attached to a pin or magnet. The colours and workmanship reflect the graphic design.

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Promo Items

In addition to the production of medals, we provide complete production or printing of items for sports and event events. We can provide banners, buoys, sports numbers, swimming caps, sports and leisure textiles with your logo.

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Why Choose Custom Medals?

An originally made medal will delight you as much as the wearer.

We will fully equip you for sporting or promotional events. We will print all promo items to your specifications.

The size and shape of the medal is arbitrary. We follow your design and you can order the medal repeatedly.

Before processing we will agree together on a price calculation. We will make a sample, which we will show you before sending the order to production.

Made by us

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We will be happy to prepare a preliminary quotation for you, including delivery date.

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